Contacts Exporter to Export Contacts & Address Book

Do you have contacts or address book of Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes to export?

Contacts Exporter is the perfect solution for anyone needing Contacts and Address Book Conversion. Contacts or Address book may include:

  • Outlook contacts
  • Outlook Express address book
  • Lotus Notes contacts or address book

PCVARE Contacts Exporter products enable its users to export Outlook contacts, to export Outlook Express address book & to export Lotus Notes contacts too sincerely and very smartly.

Outlook Contacts Exporter

Outlook Contacts Exporter is advanced Outlook contacts converter program to export Outlook contacts to vCard (.vcf files), Lotus Notes (names.nsf file), Outlook Express (.wab files) & to Mac Address Book. With Outlook Contacts Exporter program one can export:

Outlook Contacts Exporter will convert all Outlook contacts saved with MS Outlook 98/XP/2000/2002/2003/2007. Read More Details of Outlook Contacts Exporter


Contacts Exporter provides accurate conversion results. Contacts Exporter tools are created for the ease of contacts conversion and address book migration from one email client to another. Lotus Notes, MS Outlook, Outlook Express are the covered range for migration.

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Now Convert Lotus Notes Contacts, Convert Outlook Contacts & Convert Outlook Express Address Book.

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